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Discover the incredible underwater world with multilevel diving from “Ahla Diving Center”

Discover the incredible underwater world with multilevel diving from “Ahla Diving Center”

Every year more and more people prefer diving as their hobby. This activity can bring a person lots of positive emotions with a huge helping of drive and adrenaline. “AHLA” diving center that is situated in Israel on the shore of the Red sea in the Gulf of Aqaba offers everybody diving courses with professional instructors of the highest category.

Search and Recovery, drift diving, multilevel diving with a dive computer, equipment, training of experienced divers and beginners – all this is available at our diving center. We cooperate with PADI association, that is why we are the best at what we do. This article is about multilevel diving with a dive computer, which is gaining more and more popularity.

Peculiarities of multilevel diving with a dive computer

Previously there was an unspoken rule in amateur diving – the max time for a person spent under water equals the non decompression limit of a certain depth. This fact set a certain bans, with which a diver could not enjoy the underwater seneries long. His time spent under water was limited. But with the development of new technologies this have changed and now multilevel diving has become available to poeple, What is multilevel diving?

The technique of multilevel diving is based on the fact that at the time of surfacing the speed of oxygen saturation of a body decreses. This means that a diver has to make stops on certain depths stay there for a small period of time. This is required to a gradual nitrogen exiting from a body and decompression sickness prevention.

On diving courses for amateurs this practice has become habitual and allowed people to stay under water longer, and it is now restricted only by the oxygen supply and warmth. This diving technique has become possible due to the employment of underwater computer "Wheel" that calculates the needed stages and intervals.

What miltilevel diving offers a diver?

Multilevel diving offers a diver something what he came into diving for – the maximal time of being under water. In any body of water where bottom relief allows a diver to use this technique, dive computers can be used. This can be coral reefs, deep freshwater lakes, sunken ships and many more.

You start the surfacing with a maximal depth and gradually accend to the surface, making stops at control points. With the help of a dive computer this practice has become habitual. While you are on a certain depths you can explore a reef or enjoy the senery. It is not surprising that many divers consider a dive computer as irreplacable as a mask or fins,

Instructors of "AHLA" diving school will carry out training of multilevel diving with a dive computer, which will allow you to stay under water longer. We are waiting for you to go through our courses in our diving center in Eilat, Israel.