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A fascinating spot for deepwater scuba diving in Israel is famous and frequently visited dive-site “Paradise gardens” or “Paradise”. It is situated right behind another popular among divers site “Satil”, but is available only to divers with a lot of experience and the right diving certificates. The minimum depth of the dive-site is 23-25 meters, but it is only in the very beginning, further the beauties go deep into the bosom of the sea, that is why a diver needs to be not only experienced but also have the skills of underwater navigation and be able to use a compass.

How to find the site?

Everyone who wishes to visit one of the most beautiful and incredible dive-sites of Israel we welcome to our diving center. We will deliver you and your diving equipment to the very entrance of the excursion area. 


 “Paradise” is situated 22-26 meters deep, and is ideal for recreational and technical use. The area is divided into three primary directions: eastern, northern and southern. There is little fish and other living creatures here in the deep waters, but even though there is a plenty of colorful corals, among which you can see voids – amphitheatres.

Orientation in the water

Go along the concrete path and enter the water, be careful not to cut your feet on the sharp stones (use diver boots). Then navigate using your compass (if you don’t know how to use a compass, come to our club for advanced diving courses. Look east: in the sea 200 meters ahead you will see a buoy with a light, it will be your main orienting point at the time of diving.

Direction #1

You should start your scuba diving trip from the shore in the direction of north-east (azimuth 60°). When you reach the depth of 24-26 meters turn south (azimuth 180°), then swim straight, until pressure gauge is showing 110 atmospheres. At this moment you need to turn to azimuth 300° right until your reach the shore.

Direction #2

Swim on the surface of the water until you reach the buoy with a flag that indicates Satil, here dive deep in the water until you reach the bottom. Take azimuth 60° and swim to the north-east with the depths of 23-24 meters until you see 3 big rock-coral formations. From them you need to swim further in the chosen direction until you reach the depth of 26 meters. When you notice a coral wall on the north, swim alongside of it and then find azimuth 240° on your compass and start to swim back to the shore.

There are even more directions, but they are allowed only for diving with an instructor or to divers, who want to make a technical diving. All of them are very difficult and require special skills and quality professional equipment.