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Frequently Asked Questions

Diving attracts more and more people all over the world. It is an exciting pastime that opens a whole new world of opportunities to learn the environment and emotions within to a person who chooses it. Under water you can reach the beauty of a world never seen before. In the sea environment everybody can enjoy the feeling of flight, feel the weightlessness and move around vertically with no effort. As easy as moving horizontally on dry land. Diving became available due to growth and expansion of high quality equipment for underwater recreation. There are two notions: recreational (sport) diving and technical diving. And it is also very entertaining. To do it all safely and properly it is required to go through a simple training course and also follow the given rules.


Who can become a diver?

There are no age restrictions to diver training. Learning scuba diving and further mastering this art with practical lessons is available to everybody who is older than ten. Any man or woman can become a diver. Half of modern diving community are women.

The only restriction there can be is health problems that are connected with cardio vascular system or eardrum injuries. Diving is contraindicative to people with mental diseases. Women during pregnancy shouldn’t practice scuba diving either. 

Does scuba diving require any special physical training?

A scuba diving beginner doesn’t need any special training or physical strength. He doesn’t need to use eye estimation, have quick reaction or other skills. On the contrary, at the time of plunging a scuba diver relaxes, it helps to calm down and relief stress.

A person of any constitution type can become a diver. With a healthy heart and good vascular system obesity doesn’t stand in the way of diving. Diving helps weight loss due to high calorie burn with the temperature shift in the water.

People who suffered from ear pain swimming in the pool should not be afraid that such effect is going to occur during diving. The pain is connected to the difference in pressure on the eardrum. With the help of an easy exercise that an instructor will teach you during a three-day course Scuba Diver, you can easily get rid of pain or any unpleasant sensation.

How expensive is diving and what is required for training?

If you choose dive center AHLA DIVE in the Red sea, you will not need a lot of money to become a diver. It will be quite costly if a person would choose to make his first diving steps in the area of the Great Barrier Reef.

All the course-takers are provided with the necessary equipment that is why you don’t need to order it beforehand. The price of the rented equipment is already included in the course price as well as teaching material. If you plan to keep on doing scuba diving than you had better buy a wetsuit fins and a mask. All this as well as scuba can be rented in any diving center.

Everyone can make a trial dive. It is a singular introductory underwater trip that is carried out under the guidance of an experienced instructor on shallow depths. It is preceded by a short instruction, equipment choosing and testing. The service is much cheaper than an initial course.  It allows divers to see the beauty of the underwater world and estimate his desire to carry on practicing scuba diving.

What are PADI techniques and what courses are organized for divers?

All professional scuba diving instructors are united by the largest international organization – PADI. Techniques and safety measures developed by the organization are standards to all diving training. Certificates, based on PADI techniques are effective all over the world.

Diving center AHLA DIVE offers an opportunity to get a certificate for a year, having finished the corresponding course in just one day. Having this document gives you a future discount on OPEN WATER program and ability to finish it in 4 days instead of five.

On our web-site you can learn the list and description of all diving training programs for beginners and experienced divers that are available in our diving center. Courses need to be taken consequently in the given order to get the desired success.