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Almost every diver heard about a dive-site called “Nature Reserve” that is located in Eilat on the coast of the Red sea. It is a unique place that stretches for 4 kilometers, where you can enjoy numerous sceneries of colorful corals, preserved in their primeval beauty and various sea inhabitants of all shapes and colors. Such a view will now leave a single person uninterested. If you arrived to practice diving in Eilat than consider it a must to visit the dive-site “Nature Reserve”. Our diving center will be glad to help you reach this goal.


The reserve area starts at the sunken shipwreck “Satil” and finishes at the borderline post Taba. The reserve itself is separated with a fence from the road that connects this post with Eilat. In the middle there is a central entrance in the reservation area which is not free. 

The shallow part of the “Nature Reserve” dive site is a solid coral reef. The depth for diving here is not more 4 meters on the north and 6 meters on the south. The reef itself is a picturesque combination of backwaters and canyons. This amazing place, created by Mother Nature is an ideal harbor for the local fish, shellfish, sea-hedgehogs and many other representatives of tropical fauna. Some of them are so rare that you wouldn’t see them in other parts of the Red sea or anywhere else in the world.

To the east of the coral reef there is a quite wide (40-70 meters) sand stripe. In this zone you will find small rock formations covered with colorful corals here and there. It is a habitat for red lionfish and preudanthias (or sea goldie) that are trying to hide among the corals. On the edge of the sand area you will find a underwater cliff of Jesus that is very popular among divers and not far from it you will find a rising cliff of Moses. Here the shallow waters end. Further is an underwater slope with a maximum depth of 35 meters. This underwater area is rich in various corals, but is unfortunately poor in sea creatures.

Entry spot

Dive-site “Nature Reserve” unites in its territory a few smaller diving spots. Any diver can make plenty of dives and not be in the same place even once. On the south side of the reserved area there is a dive-site “Japanese Gardens”. The diving here is carried out from a boat. If you want to dive from the pier at the central entrance, you will get to the underwater cliffs of Moses and Jesus. If you a planning on a guided dive here, don't forget to take you camera with you or preorder photo shooting of your scuba diving in our diving center. You will definitely get fantastic pictures. You can also enter to “Nature Reserve” from the territory of the northern beaches and make a dive for 4-10 or 15-25 meters, the maximum depth depends on the person’s diving level.

Don’t forget that when you are doing guided diving in the “Nature Reserve” from the central entrance, you need to take care of your car beforehand. The parking spots are limited that is why it is better to preorder transportation from our club to the dive-site and back in our diving center.