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Equipment maintenance

A chance to dive into the depths of the ocean, feel yourself as a real explorer of the sea and see the amazing inhabitants of flora and fauna – all these opportunities attract thousands of tourists to diving in Eilat every year. But in anticipation of unforgettable memories do not forget about your diving equipment efficiency. Because without it diving is simply impossible. If you need to repair a scuba diving mask or get rid of all the faults and imperfections with your equipment, our diving center’s professional staff will be pleased to help you solve all these problems.

Timely diving equipment maintenance – necessary precaution to provide safety.

Efficient scuba diving equipment – is an essential element without which diving is impossible. But even the best quality equipment may sometimes go out of order. What is more, defects can be completely invisible at first sight. This is why diving equipment repair and preventative maintenance have to become regular actions that every diver makes. Specialists of our diving center can perform a whole range of services on diving equipment. If you contact us in time you will be able to use your scuba diving equipment much longer.

Diving suit – important part of diving equipment

One of the basic elements of diver’s equipment is diving suit. It is critical that the suit does not leak during the dive. It is almost impossible to identify a small tear while the suit is dry. This is why diving suit repairs have to be regular. The most frequent reasons of diving suit tears are:

  • impermeability break while zipping a diving suit
  • particles in the stopwater of release valve
  • Defection in the closeness of neck and wrist collars

Our diving center’s official staff will quickly identify the reasons of leakage in the diving suit and eliminate them in no time.

Equipment maintenance guarantees your safety.

Diving regulator repairs are also in demand among divers. It is one of the most important elements of diving equipment. You must make preventative service of diving regulator not less than once a year.  Our diving center’s qualified specialists will identify the accordance of thermo stability class of regulator with the water temperature in the diving spot, will use all the modern technology to solve any problem and will give you plenty of efficient advice on the future usage of the equipment.

What is more, our specialists are able to quality repairs and regular maintenance of buoyancy compensators, diving cylinders, masks, fins and also change the power elements in the dive computers. Service with us is a guarantee of your safety and comfort.