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The Red sea attracts professional divers like a magnet. And the best city, renowned as a world center of diving is Eilat. Here exactly you can find the best dive-sites that will not leave any diver indifferent. And our diving center especially offers the best conditions to make independent or guided dives, accompanied by an experienced dive-guide. If you have already visited such world famous dive-sites as “Tables of Neptune”, “the Cliff of Moses”, “Japanese gardens” and others, than our diving center offers you to make a deep water scuba diving trip to an amphitheatre that was created by mother Earth under water. The dive-site itself is called “Amphitheatre”.


Description of dive-site “Amphitheatre”

During your whole route you will be able to enjoy the most picturesque coral reefs, the bright colors of which will not leave anyone indifferent. You will be pleasantly shocked at the huge diversity of sea inhabitants that you will have a chance to see. And as you dive deeper down you will be able to see those species of underwater world that are inaccessible for beginners and the majority of divers. At the end of your descent you will find a majestic arena made of coral reefs awaiting you. It reminds an antique amphitheatre. The site definitely deserves all the painstaking and exertion.


Dive-site “Amphitheatre” is situated a little bit to the east of the sunken shipwreck “Yatush”. Descent here is quite sharp and is almost perpendicular to the water surface that is why it is difficult to navigate under water. It is the reason why we advise you to use a service of a dive-guide or a help of a person, who really knows this route if it is your first time on the dive-site.

Diver’s requirements

Amphitheatre lays down at the depth of 45 meters. It also the maximum diving depth. That is why dive-site “Amphitheatre” is available only to experienced divers that have to meet the following requirements:

  1. Certification. As the depth of diving is 45 meters, a Deep Dive certificate (deepwater diving) and higher is obligatory to any diver. You can finish Deep Dive course and get a certificate in our diving center.
  2. Having an eligible diving insurance is also a compulsory condition. If you had your last dive less than six month ago, which is proven in your log-book, than you are ok. Otherwise you will have to finish a Refresh Dive course (also called Check-dive) to demonstrate your skills to the instructor.
  3. Equipment for deep water scuba diving. If you don’t have the equipment for deep water diving, you can always buy it or rent it in the shop of our diving center.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get a proof of your unique trip. You can order photo or video shooting of your guided dive in our diving center.