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One of the most popular places for diving in Eilat is the dive-site “Caves”. The place owes its popularity to the abundance of sea inhabitants that can be seen here. Due to the maximum depth of 4 to 6 meters the dive-site is accessible not only to professional divers but also to people who have little experience in diving.


The dive-site “Caves” takes its name from two passages that naturally appeared in the coral formation. A few years ago one of them was closed due to its narrowness, because divers that entered this passage could accidentally cause irreparable damage to the local flora and fauna. But as a diver can still look inside the cave and see its beauty and the beauty of its inhabitants.

Second “cave” is much wider and is still accessible to the divers. In its shape the passage resembles a large arch. Any diver who chooses to have a guided dive in Eilat can enter the “cave” and see a number of colorful corals and other sea inhabitants with his own eyes.

Entry spot

Dive-site “Caves” is situated approximately 1 kilometer to the north of Taba. If you are driving out of Eilat you should go south in the direction of the border with the Sinai Peninsula. You will need to go past the observatory and Migdalor beach adjoining to it and go straight for 1,2-1,5 km. You will know you have reached the place when you see a big advertising board of diving center “Snuba” embedded right across the street of the dive-site. If you do not want to bother with the road to your destination it is better to order transport that will take you to the place and back. Remember that the parking spots a limited in the area. That is why the transportation service in Eilat that our diving center offers you will be the best solution to the problem of safe transportation.

Underwater location

You can enter the water right from the shore along the specially marked paths. Having swum for 30 meters you need to turn north. You will see a long coral wall to the left of you. Swim along the wall and you will see that the wall turns left and ends in 10 meters. Swim straight and do not turn, you will see another wall in 5 meters that has 2 caves in it. On the other hand if you turn left you can swim around the wall and see the caves from the other side.

Having enjoyed the look of the caves in can dive deeper and see a beautiful secluded coral standing on the edge of an abyss, which always has a big turtle with lots of fish by the side. Dive-site “Caves” is the best place for introductory diving because during the whole route a person sees a huge number of corals and sea inhabitants.

If you are not sure whether you know the local area well, our diving center can offer you a professional dive-guide who knows all dive-sites in Eilat perfectly as well as the diving rules in the reserve area. He will be able to make a photo shooting of the guided dive. Believe us, the pictures you receive are impressive.