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Diving courses

scuba diving courses for advanced divers in israel eilat

The underwater world of the Red sea is amazing and great. Stunningly beautiful coral reefs, shoals of colorful fish here and there, grand like flagships larger sea inhabitants – all this can be seen only when you go scuba diving in the sea depths.

Every person will find something to his liking here. Beginners and kids will definitely be interested in snorkeling with mask and snorkel at some coral reef. More advanced divers will find picturesque dive-sites of Eilat more interesting. If you do not want to stop on what you have already achieved, if you wish to make diving your profession, than we offer you to finish professional diving training courses and various diving specialties.

Diving specializations will help you widen your range of skills and raise your qualification level. First Aid, Stress and Rescue on water, Night Diving, Enriched Air, Search and Recovery, Wreck Diving and many more specializations will allow you to feel comfortable in any condition and also will be useful at the time of your diving skills upgrade.

Eilat is a beloved place for divers from all over the world. Our diving center tries to create all the conditions for diving training and raising qualification level of professionals. Divers who have AOWD certificate and those who have 4 or more specializations are able to take Dive guide, Instructor and Masterdiver. Finishing them and raising your diving level to professional is not only an opportunity to make dives in any corner of the world or make yourself known in the small circles of diving specialists, but also a real chance to start making money of the thing you really like doing. It is an opportunity to make diving your profession.

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