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How to increase personal limit of diving depth on the amateur level in Eilat

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The limit of the scuba diving depth among amateurs is considered to be 40 meters. However, in technical diving professionals covers this depth easily and dive deeper than that. To perform such a dive one needs to take 4 to 6 cylinders under water, what is more, a special helium breathing mixture and different specialized equipment.

It would be silly of amateurs to try and exceed the limit of 40 meters with the standard equipment, as it also requires specific training and skills. However, increasing one's diving depths right up to the limit and beating one's own personal limit is what everybody wants. In this article the professionals of "Ahla Diving Center" in Israel will tell how this can be achieved and what is required.

Increasing personal depth limit while immersing

Diving lessons presuppose quality training, but among amateurs the depth of 18 meters is already considered a deep dive. But this milestone is not universal for everybody  and depends on numerous parameters - diver and companion's skill, the water conditions, weather and many more. Each amateur has to set the limit of deep diving for himself.

Let's have a look at this simple example. An immersion down 2- meters in the conditions of clear and warm water with a companion will not be difficult, if you are frequently practicing diving in the Red sea, do not skip diving lessons and so on and so forth. The same dive will be difficult if you have not practiced diving for 6 to 10 months, if you plan to dive in a cold lake with limited vision. Even with perfect skills and required training, performing such a dive will be difficult. So the limit depends greatly on the conditions.

Choosing the depths for the dive for yourself and your co-diver, it is required to account a number of nuances and conditions in which the dive is carried out. It would be wise to start diving at small depths, gradually increasing them. This way you will prepare yourself mentally and physically, will get used to the new circumstances. It is very important to listen to your own body and mental condition, take into consideration the level of connection with the companion and self-confidence. Pay attention to the following points:


Analyze the information of the results you achieved in the previous diving courses - what depth was your maximum, your nitrogen group, the time spent on dry land after the surfacing.


  • If you own an underwater computer, it is recommended to stick to it.
  • No decompression limit is decreasing with the repeated dives, which makes the possible maximum smaller in future. Keep in mind that it is required to dive the deepest first.
  • It is highly recommended to estimate the geographical position of the spot where you planned to dive. How fast should the help come in case of trouble?
  • Estimate closely the skill level of your partner in each one of the criteria.

The optimum depth for the both divers will be the limit in each case. Prior to the dive to the maximum depth it is vitally important to consult the instructors of the diving club, let them have your back at the time of the first dive. This way you will be calm, confident which will be a good basis for achieving high and higher results.