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Night dives in amateur and professional diving

Night dives in amateur and professional diving

Diving trainings are not targeted at everybody. Those who really decided to try this sport are in for a whole lot of new adventures and emotions. Even short term dives in shallow depths with an instructor bring tons of emotions to the beginner, whereas more experienced divers require something special. Night diving is what they are looking for.

If for diving beginners night diving seems like something difficult and even scary, it reveals a whole new world for experienced divers. Night diving even in familiar places is totally different from daytime diving. You will be able to see strength and vastness of the underwater world in the dark. Night time diving gives an ability to observe the things that are hidden by the sun and can be seen only after the sunset.

Night diving for beginners

Non-experienced divers find it quite difficult to navigate in the dark, that is why they have to finish a special training course. Also it is preferable, that at the time of diving they are accompanied by more experienced divers. First night time diving should be carried out in a known spot.

Diving center "AHLA" gives an opportunity to finish training with a strengthened program of night diving in one day. After successful finishing of the course program, a student can count on getting an international certificate, that allows them to make safe dives in any diving-resort of the world.

In order to register for the course in dive center "AHLA" it is required to have a minimum diving level Open Water Diver and a diver's insurance. Age limit is standard and is the age of 12. The diving depth is chosen individually and is determined by the instructor. The course Night Diver goes on for two days.

What does comprehensive training in the dive center offer?

Familiarity with night diving in practice. Experienced instructors will tell you everything about the basic techniques and rules of diving in the dark. It is worth mentioning that diving in muddy waters and in the night time are completely different and you will learn to understand the difference.

You will be able to locate a boat, a ship or shore at night without panic or stress.

You will learn to personally determine and indicate the places to immerse in the water at night.

You will be able to single-handedly choose the equipment for night diving. Thanks to the given instructions, you will be able to rent or buy reliable and high quality equipment, that will eliminate any possibility of emergency situations.

You will learn to use a torch for navigation on site to full extend. Due to this skill your night time trips will become safer and more interesting. You will also be able to choose spots with limited vision for future diving.

In diving center "AHLA" in Eilat together with an instructor, you will work on the typical situations, that occur at the time of night diving. You will get rid of all the fears are get a firm knowledge of what to do in what seem like unforeseen and helpless situations. You will understand, how to behave if your partner is out of site and the torch simply stopped working in the crucial moment. You will also get tons of joy from viewing the underwater inhabitants and corals of the Red sea in the night time. Register for the course now, for that, leave a application on our site and we will open the doors for night diving for you!