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Diving - fascinating sport and an adventure

Diving - fascinating sport and an adventure

Diving attracts more and more people all over the world. It is an exciting activity that gives a person new opportunities of understanding the world around and a person's inner feelings. Under water you can have access to the beauties never seen before. In the aquatic environment everyone can enjoy the feeling of flight, experience weightlessness and move vertically without effort, just like walking on dry land. This has become available nowadays due to high level of development of equipment for scuba diving. There are two kind of scuba diving - recreational (sport) and technical. It is also very entertaining. It is required to finish a simple training course for safety and correct usage of equipment and strictly follow the rules.

Who can become a diver?

There are no age limits to start learning how to scuba dive. One can start learning to dive with scuba equipment and master his skills in future practical sessions as early as the age of 12. Diving is available for both men and women. Nowadays almost a half of diving enthusiasts are female.

The only obstacle can be health problems, related to congestive heart failure, unsatisfactory state of vessels or damaged eardrums. Diving is contradicted to people with mental disorders. Pregnant women also shouldn't practice scuba diving.

Is there any specific physical training required to do scuba diving?

No specific physical training or strength is required for a diving beginner. It is not necessary t use your eye estimation, have quick reaction and other skills. Vice versa, at the time of scuba diving it is important to relax as it helps to calm down and relieve stress. A person of any shape can become a diver. With a healthy heart and good vessel function, obesity does not interfere with diving training. Diving contributes to weight normalization due to high calorie usage with the changing of body temperature when immersing into deep waters.

People who felt pain in the ear area at the time of normal diving in a swimming pool should not be afraid of such an effect practicing scuba diving. The pain is connected with the pressure change on the eardrum. With a simple exercise, that any instructor can teach you during your 3-day Scuba Diver course, you can get rid of all the pain.

How expensive is diving and what is required to start training?

Becoming a diver doesn't require a lot of money, if you are planning on doing so if "AHLA" diving center by the Red sea. Considerable expense will be needed if a diving beginner wants to make his first dives somewhere close to Big Barrier Reef. All the students are supplied with the necessary equipment, so there is no need to buy it beforehand. Equipment rent fee is already included in the price of the course as well as the educational material. If you plan to continue doing scuba diving, then it is better to purchase personal wet suit, fins and a mask. Same as the scuba itself those items of equipment are available for rent in our diving center for a reasonable price.All interested can make a trial dive. It is a one-time introductory underwater trip, that is carried out under supervision of an experienced instructor in shallow waters. It is preceded by a short briefing, choosing and trying the equipment on. Such a service if a few times cheaper than the beginner course. It allows people to see the beauty of the underwater world and estimate your eagerness to continue diving.What are PADI techniques and what training courses are organized for divers?Professional diving instructors are united by the largest international organization - PADI. Techniques and safety measures developed there are the standards that we keep to at the time of training. Certificates, that are issued after the courses, carried out based on PADI techniques are active all around the world.Diving school "AHLA" provides an opportunity to get a certificate for a year, after finishing a corresponding course in a day. Having such a document gives you a discount for OPEN WATER DIVER program and it can be finished in 4 days instead of 5.On our site you can learn the list and description of all training programs for beginners and experienced divers that are available in the dive-center. Courses should be taken up consecutively in the specified order to get the desired result.