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PADI Adventures program

PADI Adventures program

Many people have at least once thought of going through diving courses to master this exciting activity. Diving training - is a hard job, that is why it should be trusted only to real professionals. "AHLA" diving school gives everybody a chance to learn how to scuba dive. The diving center of itself is situated at 4 Haela street, Eilat, and the diving is carried out in the Red sea on the best diving spots of Eilat. We offer diving for adults as well as for children.

PADI Adventures program

Diving center "AHLA" gives an opportunity to its visitors to use PADI Adventures program. These diving tours consist of 16 diving adventures:

Altitude (diving into the highland);

Boat Diver (from yachts and boats);

Deep Diver (lessons on deep water diving);

Diver Propulsion Vehicle (with a tow boat);

Drift Diver (under heavy currents);

Dry Suit Diver (in dry swim-suits);

Multilevel Diver (diving to different water levels);

Night Diver (at night time);

Underwater Navigator (navigation under water);

Peak Performance Buoyancy (high level buoyancy);

AWARE-Fish Identification Course (fish identification based on AWARE techniques);

Search & Recovery Diver (searching for sunken objects and bringing them to the surface);

Underwater Naturalist (underwater naturalism);

Underwater Photographer (underwater photography);

Underwater Videographer (underwater video shooting);

Wreck Diver (diving to sunken objects).

At first you can choose one course: let's say, you have always wanted to make a dive to a shipwreck and you wish to try it first. The certificate can be obtained after a few diving-adventures. For example, it is possible to start with diving to a shipwreck and then go on to the course of fish identification. It all depends on the preference.

The first certificate of PADI Adventures program is the permit Adventure Diver. You will get this certificate in "AHLA" diving club after making three dives that you choose together with an instructor. It can be done in just one day - you are free to handle your time on your own. Any diving adventure, approved by the instructor, is taken into account when you get your future certificates.

In order to achieve Advanced Open Water Diver certificate, it is required to go through a lesson of underwater navigation, after that, make a dive to a great depth and three more Adventure dives that you choose with the help of the instructor. It is possible to go from Open Water Diver to Advanced Open Water Diver, but if you already have an Adventure Diver certificate, the instructors can take into account the dives that you have already made doing this course.

Na matter what your underwater preferences are, you can move forward at a paste that is comfortable for you. There is no necessity to do everything at once: you can practice diving in various exciting places and after that get the certificate you are interested in the most. You can also dedicate the whole weekend to diving and finish it all in two days.