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Diver’s note: to drink or not to drink?

Diver’s note: to drink or not to drink?

People see drinking alcohol as an ancient national tradition. Can you still follow it when you dive 30 meters deep and even deeper?  This very question causes much controversy among those who are really keen on diving.

Is it possible to combine diving and alcohol without any risk of damaging health? The answer seems obvious. What is more, recommendation to restrain from alcohol before and after diving was not just made up. Alcohol is forbidden by the PADI standards.

Does the amount of alcohol matter at the time of diving? It definitely does. When a person drinks a bottle of vodka, he loses his coordination and ability to think rationally on dry land to say nothing of the depths of the Red sea. The situation with such high dose is quite clear.

What if we consider just a can of beer or a shot of vodka? Such a dose does not cloud reason, the reaction remains adequate, a person is still able to put on the equipment and pay attention to what instructor says. Everything seems normal but unfortunately it is so only on the outside. The body is already experiencing an insignificant degree of dehydration. This very physiological state is very dangerous for a diver. One of the dangers is decompression sickness that is familiar to many diving beginners. To be safe one needs to pay close attention to his or her health and listen to the advice and directions of instructors at the time of diving training.

It is no coincidence that a person feels harrowing thirst during a hang-over, because any kind of alcohol dehydrates the body. When it happens of dry land, it is noting critical. When it happens under water different rules apply. A dehydrated body under water has a strong chance of developing a decompression sickness.

Experienced diving instructors always recommend drinking a lot of liquids at the time of training. Water thins the blood and provides its normal circulation. Intensive drinking regimen – is a golden rule of a safe diver. It needs to be mentioned that for a person who drank alcohol recently or in the very day of diving this is less effective. The risk of having a decompression sickness after drinking alcohol for a diver increases drastically, even if all the safety norms and surfacing rules are precisely observed.

One more question that is really important to divers is whether it is acceptable to drink alcohol after diving and if so, how much is allowed? You shouldn’t grab a beer to celebrate a successful dive having just stepped out of the water. At that moment the process of retaining B.U.N from the body is not yet finished. That is why any factors that cause blood thickening (alcohol) may provoke decompression sickness. If it is impossible to completely avoid having a drink at the day of diving than is should be put off. The first safe drink of alcohol a diver can have only 4-5 hours after the surfacing.