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Efficient means against seasickness

Efficient means against seasickness

Seasickness – is one of the main enemies of every person who sets off on trips to conquer seas or oceans. The reason for this usually lies on a genetic level. However in most cases seasickness is caused by a dissonance of information that is received by the brain from various sensory organs and the middle ear.

There are different ways to lessen or completely eliminate the symptoms of seasickness. If you want to enjoy scuba diving in the Red sea with diving center “AHLA” but can barely endure waves – use the advice below.

Brain training

Receiving contradictory signals, the brain causes dizziness and nausea. It can be tricked and calmed by different methods.

The easiest and safest recommendations exclude the necessity of using medication:

  • look into the distance. Put away your laptop or book. Focusing your eyes on stationary objects that are close to your eyes, you increase the difference of perceptions that come from the middle ear. It is better to look at the horizon. It is the most stable object.
  • divert yourself to a pleasant conversation. Divert your attention. Find an interesting person to talk to. Dizziness and nausea will soon recede.
  • take a stable position. The center of the ship at the top deck is swaying the least. Find yourself a comfortable place. Lean back on a wall and relax.
  • avoid enclosed spaces. Fresh air helps to get rid of nausea. Do not lock yourself in the cabin.
  • Try to fall asleep. The first symptom of seasickness is drowsiness. If you want to sleep and you have a comfortable place, go for it.