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Many people are attracted by the underwater life, and it is easy to understand why, the sea and the ocean have numerous mysteries, and exploring the sea bottom can reveal answers to many questions of history. Every craft has its name. If you are attracted by the sea and you wish to explore the ocean, it can be achieved through diving as exactly this craft will teach you how to behave under tons of sea and ocean water. Before immersion into the blue abyss it is highly recommended to finish diving courses. With this knowledge you will have access to diving in Eilat, Egypt and all over the world. Why are people attracted by the sea and ocean, and what are they looking for in the vastness of the blue depth? There are generally four reasons for it: love for history, curiosity, desire to take fascinating underwater photos and interest in the underwater life.

Love for history
Over the ages, the sea has buried lots of ships that made history under its waters. Many divers are interested in the past as it is closely connected with the present. Exploring a sunken ship, one can imagine how it used to wander the ocean, how its captain gave orders and bravely sailed to his destination, despite the whims of the water. But not all ships reached land and due to it, we can learn their history in the sea depths today.

In order to get acquainted with a sunken ship, one doesn't have to be an underwater archaeologist as it is possible to reach the sea bottom only to satisfy inner curiosity. To see with your own eyes everything that goes on in the sea depth - are the feelings hard to express, but you can take exclusive photos.

Fascinating underwater photos
When a person sets off on a journey on dry land, he definitely takes photos. Seeing the world with your own eyes - is a real fortune for everybody and it can be done even every day. But being in the underwater kingdom - is an adventure not so frequent, but it will surely bring more impression than a journey on the solid ground. The sea depths attracts with its otherworldly sceneries and it is hard to keep yourself from taking a photo there. But in order to take such an excursion, it is required to finish diving training. For unforgettable photo shoots we offer Wreck Diving course. You will be able to do both: learn the history and take photos, because diving to to the places where sunken ships lay is bound to be interesting.

Personal interest
Most divers, especially beginners are motivated to do diving because of personal interest of what they don't know yet, what the sea bottom has in store, what they will see and what they expect. Such kind of diving safari cannot fail to be interesting even if you are diving with a certain goal, personal interest is still there.
Finding sunken objects brings incredible emotions and impressions, especially if this history is well preserved. Remember, that after you, many other divers will plunge into the sea depths, so please, do not touch or move the found objects, even because they can have historical value. In order to see all the beauty of the sea depth, you can go through the diving training in the Red sea and professional instructors of the diving club "AHLA" in Eilat will help you with it.