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: Perfect buoyancy in diving, learn how to dive professionally

perfect bouyancy in diving_идеальная плавучесть в дайвинге

Buoyancy control - is one the most important diving skills. Breathing and ballasts are used for that matter. You will be able to estimate  your  own capabilities and get practical recommendation after you finish the training course Perfect Buoyancy in diving center "Ahla".

The role of breathing in bouncy control.

For the rough regulation of buoyancy people sometimes use such diving equipment as buoyancy compensator (stab jacket). Light regulation of buoyancy is done though breathing. Intake of air increases the body volume, making the upward force of  water bigger, resulting in the diver slowly rising to the surface. Diving lessons will allow you to master the intake and exhalation as the main tools of light buoyancy control.


Neutral buoyancy is provided by the compensator jacket and is further adjusted with breathing according to your needs. In diving and snorkeling it is required to breathe lightly or breathe deep but it is important not to hold the breath. You will learn to do it automatically in time using just the reflexes. It will mean that your diving training went well and buoyancy will soon be mastered to a professional level.

Bouyancy and weight distribution

Diving courses presuppose mastery of ballast selection. You will learn to correctly choose the needed amount of weights for a comfortable dive. It is important to correctly distribute them along the body. Mastering your diving skills in Eilat, you will learn to distribute the weights for a person of this or that build. For example, for photo by the wall it is comfortable to be in a vertical position and head up, but looking for objects under water on the bottom - head down.

The best diving places allow you to enjoy the beauty of the sea fauna and underwater sceneries. take pictures of the best of them. Using the weights correctly, you will be able to save strength, concentrating on the given tasks and regulate the body position under water. Israeli own Eilat is included in the list of the worlds best diving places. It is comfortable for beginners as well as professional divers. The water temperature on the coast of Eilat varies from +21 to +29 degrees. Diving training center AHLA offers courses of scuba diving for everyone according to their diving experience or even without it. A separate course is designed for children, so the youngest members of your family will not be bored.