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Divemaster Course in Eilat

divemaster course in Eilat   

Beginners as well as professional divers come to Eilat to practice diving. It is here that you will find the best dive sites of the Red sea. If you see diving as not only a way of enjoying the beauty of the sea depths, that also improves your health than you should think about a professional carrier as a diver. If you already see diving as the main source of income than “Dive Master” may be a good start for this activity. It is a real opportunity to get money doing what you really like.

What does “Dive Master” course offer?

All the course takers get an opportunity of a dashing professional and career development. You will be able to broaden your theoretical knowledge and master your practical skills. Lessons with highly qualified instructors will allow you to develop leadership skills and learn to keep the diving process under control. You will also have a chance to try yourself as an assistant diver of your teaching instructor while he is working with other students. “Dive Master” course is intended for professional divers who have a desire to become group leaders.

What are the course requirements

To become a participant you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Be 18 years old and older.
  2. Have a medical document proving you good state of health and absence of contradictions against diving, Document has to be signed and stamped by a doctor.
  3. A diver should have at least Advanced Open Water certificate or its equivalent.
  4. Have at least 20 registered dives.
  5. Have the ability to make 60 dives, registered in the log book including deep and night dives, before the certification.

 “Dive Master” course program

The whole course is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Current diving skills estimation, including checking endurance and flotation on the water surface and under water.
  2. Theoretical part, touching upon such basic topics as physics and physiology of diving, decompression problems, studying and choosing diving equipment and much more. Because work as a diver requires a lot of responsibility connected with peoples’ safety, theoretical course also includes programs of acting in case of an emergency and first aid performance.
  3. Practical exercises that include drills of all the actions that a diving master needs to know and be able to do.

As a part the theoretical a practical parts of the program course takers will learn to assist their instructor during the practical task, guide and teach the students at other diving courses, learn the course programs that are led by dive masters. All of this will guarantee your successful career.