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Do you wish to go Scuba Diving in Eilat?!
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Introduction Dive with Instructor

introduction diving in Eilat_introdive   
Price:180.00 ₪

If you are not sure whether you want to scuba-dive professionally but you dream of seeing the beauty of the Red sea depths, then trial dive in Eilat is what you need. Our dive center will provide you with an experienced instructor to be your guide.

If you do not have enough time to go through a full scuba-diving training course or you are not certain if you want to go in for sports like this, then IntroDive will introduce you to Eilat underwater world and will help you make your final decision.

What is IntroDive?

IntroDive is the fastest and easiest way to make a trial tour into the depths of the Red sea. The whole process takes place in the most picturesque dive-sites of Eilat and is supervised by an experienced diving instructor.

How is IntroDive in Eilat going on?

Trial scuba-dive consists of a few steps:

  1. Sing in for a trial scuba-dive.
  2. Fill in a small medical form.
  3. Equipment selection according to your size. (Quality and efficiency of our diving equipment is regularly checked professionals)
  4. A 10-15 minute briefing by an experienced instructor. There will be absolutely no problems with the language barrier as our specialists are fluent in Russian, English and Hebrew. During the introductory briefing you will learn what is a regulator, octopus and other diving equipment.
  5. Then, on the level that allows your head to stay above the surface, you will go through a few tasks that will make you feel more confident. After that you will be able to proceed to actual trial scuba-diving. Your instructor will confidently lead you to the magical underwater world of bright corals and colorful fish.

intro dive in eilat_dive in eilat_интро дайв в Эйлате_ _погружение с инструктором в Эйлате_באילת_צלילה_

An IntroDive is a wonderful present to your friends and family!

Our diving club has definitely solved the problem with choosing an original and affordable present to your friends and family. You can buy a gift certificate for an IntroDive as well as basic scuba diving training course. After receiving such a certificate one only needs to contact our dive-center representative, discuss the exact date of IntroDive and not forget your certificate.    

What you get from a trial dive?

  1. IntroDive is available for people that are younger than 80 and older than 8 years old.
  2. Trial dive starts off a beach which means that a beginner will feel comfortable and secure.
  3. You can also order a video and/or photo shooting of your dive so that you will never forget these bright moments.

After the trial dive you can have your first amateur diving certificate and finish an Open Water Diver course in 5 days only. 


Course standarts
Most beautiful diving site for intro-dive in Eilat - The Caves, Coral Beach, The Restaraunt, Dekel, Three Sisters
from 8 years
included in the price
Maximum depth
until 6 meters (walk from the shore)
Course duration
time of this event not more than 2.5 hour, 25/40 min underwater
200₪/240₪ depend on duration and diving site of your dive
Price:180.00 ₪