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Underwater Navigator

underwater navigation_specialty course in Eilat   

 Every experienced diver has to be able to navigate under water. It is not only just a necessary skill that lets you find a shore or a ship, from which you made your dive, but also the ability to save your own or your partner’s life in a critical situation, that occur quite often under water.

The laws of Israel do not allow individual diving, but even the most experienced divers sometimes get lost and cannot orientate under water. If you are not used to letting yourself into the hands of nature or risking your life, we invite you to the Underwater Navigator course or underwater orientation. As a part of the course you will learn how to use a compass and understand its indications as well as learn about the main difficulties that everyone, even the most experienced diver, faces in such interesting and dangerous force – in the water. 

Who can take part?

This kind of a training course is available to everybody who has already gone through a diving training course (skill level should be not less than Open Water Diver). Children, who want to get the knowledge of experienced instructors, are admitted to the course if they are more than 12 years old and they have the permission from their parents or care-takers. Every diver must be in a good state of health and get an insurance (it is not included in the price of the course, but it can be separately made in our diving center)

Training program

For those divers, who went through an Adventure Diver course in our diving center, the final dive with the aim of underwater orientation can be counted in the course “Underwater Navigator” by the will of your instructor.

For those who would like to save the memory of the training course, there is a service of professional photo and video shooting.